Student Life at Alleman

Alleman students participate in many activities to enrich the academic and faith components of their high school experience.  Alleman students serve in many clubs and organizations, perform in annual musicals and plays, and produce publications. Alleman is full of talented students who earn recognition on a yearly basis, and we are proud of their accomplishments.  From academic competitions to service awards, Alleman students excel in all that they do.

Academic Competitions (ICTM & WYSE 团队)
Alleman students compete in two academic competitions during each school year, displaying their knowledge of Math, Science, English, and Engineering in a competitive setting. Alleman students perform exceedingly well each year, collecting both team and individual awards.

乐队 & 唱诗班
Alleman 乐队 is open to students who already play a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. The class meets daily and plays two major concerts, Spring and Christmas. The Alleman Pioneer Singers are an auditioned choir that sings numerous concerts in the Quad City area.

Performing Arts 
The Drama Department of Alleman presents several major school productions each year including a Fall musical, Winter play, Spring play and variety show. All performances are held in the Dr. Tracy Spaeth Performing Arts Center.

Publications - Pioneer Press
Alleman publishes a school newspaper, "Pioneer Press".  All students are encouraged to submit articles to the staff for publication. The Pioneer Press is published four times a year with one special issue focused on the Seniors.

Campus Ministry
Join your classmates in assisting with our student Masses, volunteering and more!

Alleman High School considers the athletic experience to be an important part of our students' overall development and are proud that upwards of 65% of our student body participate in one or more of the programs.

Christian Service Initiative (CSI)
In our human relationships, we come to realize the beautiful reciprocity between knowing and loving someone. The more I love someone the more I desire to know them, and the more I know them the more my love for them increases.  As a Catholic high school, we strive to help our students come to both know and love God. He is the living God who, through His Son Jesus Christ, has invited us into relationship with Him.  The knowledge received throughout the school day ought to lead our students into a deeper love of God, the source of all knowledge. From this fundamental relationship--I am loved by a personal God--our desire to serve God through serving others ought to flow.  This is the basis of our “Christian Service Initiative” program (CSI). Rooted in a love of God we strive to serve Him by serving our neighbors.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 80 hours through a CSI project during their time spent at Alleman (20 hours each year). They are also encouraged to perform service hours outside of the school and aside from their CSI project.

Student Technology

Alleman Technology 形式:

Digital Citizenship Resources:

Mediacom Affordable Internet Program
Mediacom offers affordable internet to families that qualify for the National School Lunch Program. Click the link above to find out more information.